Siblings React to Mom’s Health Crisis

By RuthAnn Hogue/Whiptail Publishing

Mom now has home health care with a nurse on call 24/7. She has already started home visits where her blood pressure is checked right in her own room between doctor visits. She has a physical therapist who is going to help her become more confident with her balance so she will feel better getting in and out of chairs. All she has to do is call and a nurse will be over in minutes. Literally. Her nurse lives in the area.

All of this is good news.

Meanwhile, a family member has invited her to move in with her in St. Thomas, but her neurologist advised against such a move due to the difference in the level of care available there. Even so, another family member is trying to talk her into making the move.

Mom’s response at Lynda’s initial invitation: “Has she lost her mind?”

After speaking to her first-born, she has now decided that St. Thomas sounds sunny and a nice place to live.

I suppose we shall see whether those two continue to manipulate her into changing her mind, against the advice of healthcare professionals.

For those who don’t recall, Lynda and my mother lived together once before with a disastrous ending and heart-breaking aftermath during which those two barely spoke for months. With mom’s high blood pressure, that would be a bad thing to revisit.

It’s quiet around here most of the time. I do have dogs that bark when visitors come over or when they hear little children outside. It’s Arizona so kids don’t really play outside all that much around here. I think my mom must have forgotten how upset it made her to even hear little children singing primary songs and playing in general. My mom came unglued and Lynda was constantly frustrated at the situation.

Mom says Bryce expects the move to take place in January.

If Bryce says, in Mom’s world, that means “so it shall be written, so it shall be done.”

And I think that is sad.

RuthAnn Hogue is the owner and founder of Whiptail Publishing’s and She is an award-winning author and journalist with an Internet Marketing Master of Science and a B.A. in Journalism/Political Science.

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