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Whiptail Needs You

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 2.04.50 AMBy RuthAnn Hogue/Whiptail Publishing

Whiptail Publishing has some great titles waiting to be released and some recently released titles in need of great marketing.

After all, we know that the best-selling books are the ones with the most buzz.

That’s where you come in.

Here’s how you can help:
* Buy “Goodbye, Walter: A Reporter’s Notebook” from – now only $8.99
* Buy Naomi Hesterman’s “To Love a Mockingbird: How Rescuing a Baby Bird Blessed Our Home” from – 99 cents for a limited time
* Post reviews on so others will be encouraged to buy the books – only cost is the time it takes to read the books and write the reviews
* Send either or both of the above titles as gifts to family and friends who can claim them as eBooks on just about any electronic reading device such as a Kindle, laptop, smart phone or tablet

Want to do more?

Marketing is expensive. Even with a fancy master’s degree and a lot of experience it takes operating capital to create interest.

Please donate $5, $10 or whatever you can comfortably spare to help www.Whiptail.Marketing get the attention it needs to succeed.

Even better, hire us. Yes, I said we’d do work for hire. Need copywriting? You got it. Need blog articles? Done. A social media plan? That will take some time, but we’re on it.

Does your website need a fresh look? Consider Hiring a WordPress Guru or a Website Builder Guru (coming soon).

So, yes, we need your assistance. Our goal is to give back even more.

We also have a wish list representative of some of the expenses we anticipate incurring.

Thank you. Sincerely. In advance.